UX/UI Designer


Designer is not a job, its a Lifestyle!


Yan Grinshtein

Over 300 successfully executed projects.

I have begun my creative path many years ago, as just a child… I started drawing at around 5 years of age, so I have been holding a pencil in my hand since pretty much I can remember myself.

At the age 14 I was lucky enough to fall into the hands of an incredible artist Zoe Millman, who became my guide and mentor in the world of drawing and painting for the next 4 years… while studying art at Zoe Millman's school of Fine Arts, at the age of 15 I entered into a professional program at a Technical College within my high-school to Visual Communications program, which I successfully graduated from in 1998, earning Associates Degree in Graphic Design, and finished my 4 years of Fine Arts study at Zoe Millman’s private school earning a diploma as art teacher.

But at 18, I had only one path living in israel, and that is becoming a soldier, and so I did… two years later I finished my military duty and went to reunite with my family in Canada where I started studying Internet Communications Technology and JAVA at A+ Institute, but after the first semester i decided that its not really for me.

Continuing painting and designing, I decided to take a new route in my creative life and got accepted to International Academy of Design & Technology at Toronto, Canada for Interior Design program, now that was exciting, I loved the program… but after a year of study, I made a final and life changing decision to stay in my respective field of Graphic Design and so I left the academy to pursue my career as a Digital Designer.

As it was the beginning of the internet era for consumers, I was a part of early 00's internet design and creation time, back then no one even knew what UX or HX is, HCI was applied to computers, but not digital products... I started conducting user and competitive research, Information Architecture and usability testing in early 2005 as just a part of the Web Design & Development process.

I have been UX/UI/Visual designer ever since… working on exciting and very interesting project in such areas as branding, websites, advertising, print materials, corporate identities, web and mobile apps, and so many other cool things…

Along the way I managed to create a line of unisex bags, jewelry, and a line of lighting fixtures.

Around 2009, I found another passion in life, and that is photography, I picked up a camera, and it was love at first click!

15 years later, I can proudly say, I’m a UX/UI Designer and Photographer!

Human interaction with digital products and how people use products in general was always my interest, I can't stop myself from observing and analyzing how people interact with different products, both digital and physical.


Canadian WebAward 2005
Canadian WebAward 2007
Global IT Service Web Site Award 2006
WebWorks Design Award 2005
WebDesign Award of South Africa 2009
DesignFirms Web Award 2011-2012
DesignFirms Web Award 2014-2015

Lecturer & Mentor

Branding & UX/UI Design - Mentor @ Startupbootcamp Israel 2012-2014
Executing Successful Websites - Guest Lecturer @ SAE Alumni Convention 2013 Amsterdam