UX/UI Designer


Designer is not a job, it’s a calling!


Yan Grinshtein

Over 300 successfully executed projects.

My life is an artistic and creative journey... and that journey started over 20 years ago as a Surrealist Painter, over time shifted into Graphic Design with a short detour into Fashion and Product Design through Architecture and Interior Design eventually pivoting into Design of Digital Products mixed with Behavioral Psychology and HPI bringing me to my current career as UX/HX/UI Designer and I absolutely LOVE what I do!


Canadian WebAward 2005
Canadian WebAward 2007
Global IT Service Web Site Award 2006
WebWorks Design Award 2005
WebDesign Award of South Africa 2009
DesignFirms Web Award 2011-2012
DesignFirms Web Award 2014-2015

Lecturer & Mentor

Branding & UX/UI Design - Mentor @ Startupbootcamp Israel
Executing Successful Websites - Guest Lecturer @ SAE Alumni Convention 2013 Amsterdam


Graphic Designers Association of Israel
Interaction Design Foundation